MJA Insight Update

17 Aug 2017

GPs may be interested in several articles in the latest MJA Insight, with topics ranging from the ‘resilience myth’ to an education campaign on symptoms of vaginal mesh implant complications to reducing the risk of chronic kidney disease.

A new education campaign will target GPs to assist in identifying the symptoms of vaginal mesh implant complications. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health care are said to be preparing education materials for GPs, including the possibility of providing patients with an implant card.

According to a new review, GPs have an important role to play in reducing the risk of chronic kidney disease in patients being treated for renal masses. Long-term GP follow-up to monitor renal function post-operatively is recommended, including annual CKD screening.

An opinion piece by Dr Geoffrey Toogood, the founder of #crazysocks4docs, addresses the ‘resilience myth’ faced by doctors. He points to systemic issues that need to be addressed in order for doctors to feel better supported in the workplace.