MJA: Emergency situations and new guidelines on melanomas

12 Oct 2017

In MJA Insight two articles are of particular relevance for GPs, covering the topic of expectations for doctors in emergency situations and information on the updated guidelines for the diagnosis and management of melanomas.

When a medical emergency arises, are doctors legally required to provide assistance? This question is discussed in a recent article. Although there is no straightforward answer, the author argues that there is no general common law duty but highlights the complexities involved in the debate. It is advised that when considering providing assistance, doctors should be mindful of their own safety, their skills, other options, and the impact on other patients in their care.

GPs are advised of updates to guidelines for diagnosing and managing melanomas, as reported in MJA Insight. A guideline summary has been published in the MJA which outlines characteristics of melanomas that are different to classical clinical features. These guidelines intend to raise awareness of and improve diagnosis to help reduce mortality from melanomas. Read the full article here