Member update from the PIP Advisory Group

27 Feb 2020

The PIP Advisory Group (PIPAG), of which the AMA is a member, held its first meeting of 2020 on 19 February.

Updates were provided to PIPAG about the outcomes of the PIP QI Data Privacy and Security Review that was contracted by the Department of Health. The Review found that despite differences in the way data is collected from general practice by PHNs, data security controls to protect de-identified data from misuse, interference and loss was appropriate.

The development of the PIP Eligible Data Set schema is also due for completion shortly, and will include four key products that will be reviewed by the PIPAG Data Governance Sub-Committee prior to finalisation.

In 2020, PIPAG will be working on several issues, including the development of best practice and clear expectations in quality improvement for both PHNs and general practices; a review of the SWPE calculation formula; and in consultation with the PIPAG Data Governance Sub-Committee, a review of the role of PHNs as regional data custodians of the PIP Eligible Data Set.

An additional issue that PIPAG will be considering in 2020 is the implications for the transition of the current RRMA based classification of rurality to the Modified Monash Model. The AMA is concerned that such a move, if not covered by some type of grandfathering provision, would disadvantage a significant number of practices, and has and will continue to advise PIPAG accordingly on this matter.