Medicare PKI Certificate expiry

27 Feb 2014

GPs with a Medicare Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate, used for Medicare Online, PBS Online, Aged Care Online Claiming, ECLIPSE and the Healthcare Identifiers Service, are advised that the certificate is expiring on 12 March 2014.  

Most healthcare providers (those with software using version 6.11.02 or above of the client adapter) will be unaffected by this change as long as they make at least one transmission from their software between 17 February and 9 March 2014. The Department of Human Services (DHS) has advised that the new certificate will be automatically published and loaded by the practice software between these dates. If you bulk bill electronically, make sure you retrieve at least one bulk bill payment report during this period. If you use more than one computer to transmit to the Department, you may need to transmit at least once from each computer for the new certificate to be loaded.

A small number of healthcare providers who are using older software may need to manually load the new certificate, so they can continue to transmit after 9 March 2014. The Department has identified these sites and is working with the software vendors to assist them with the update of the certificate. These sites will be contacted either by their vendor or by dedicated Departmental staff. Alternatively, you can go to Manually Updating Your System to do it yourself.

Further information can be found on the DHS website.