Medical Journal of Australia: Oncology

19 Nov 2015

This week’s issue of MJA features a series of articles on cancer, with a number of them relating to general practice.

In MJA Insight Professors Geoffrey Mitchell and Jon Emery refer to the Lancet Oncology Commission report on the expanding role of primary care in cancer.  Geoffrey Mitchell says the report emphasises the strengths of primary care - its continuous, coordinated, and comprehensive care for individuals and families - making it best placed to deal with the short, medium, and long-term consequences of cancer treatment.  He emphasises the important role of the GP in the long-term sequelae of cancer treatments and in palliative care. He also highlights the singular role of the GP in treating the carers of patients with cancer.

John Emery writes that the growing number of cancer survivors has led to the recognition that primary care must play a greater role in cancer control across the continuum of care, from prevention and early detection to survivorship and palliative care. He also writes in an MJA Perspectives article about the challenges of early diagnosis of cancer in general practice.

Also in MJA is an article on general practitioners’ prescribing of lipid-lowering medications for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians from 2001 to 2013.

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