MBS Review Progress

18 Feb 2016

Last week the AMA convened its second meeting of medical profession leaders to discuss the progress of, and concerns about, the MBS Review.

AMA President Professor Brian Owler said all in attendance wanted to achieve an MBS that reflected modern medical practice, and which benefited patients, but warned delays in listing new MBS items to replace scrapped items could create an incomplete Schedule, with serious implications for patient care.

Professor Owler said it was clear that the Government was aiming to make savings from the MBS Review. He said that where savings could be made without adversely affecting patient access to services or clinical practice, they would have AMA support, but it was vital that any savings be reinvested in health.

Professor Bruce Robinson, Chair of the MBS Review Taskforce, told the forum that the Taskforce did not have a savings target, and its aim was to align the MBS with current clinical practice.

“My task is not to save money. The Government may make savings, but I hope that the money is reinvested in health,” Professor Robinson said.

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