Maintain flu vaccination vigilance

12 Jul 2018

With additional supplies of influenza vaccine due in this week GPs and practice nurses are reminded to be vigilant in the administration of influenza vaccines, following recent information regarding a number of incorrect influenza vaccines being administered. There are age restrictions on some influenza vaccines, and it is paramount that the correct administration based on age occurs.

It is important that practices adhere to storage guidelines and not remove vaccines from their packaging when being stored. 

It is important that medical professionals check the correct prescription and vaccine have been supplied by the pharmacist and that no mix-ups occur before administration.

The Immunise Australia website contains advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) for vaccination providers on seasonal influenza vaccines. The Immunise Australia Program provides general advice for patients and their families and health professionals, as well as The Australian Immunisation Handbook which details the safest and most effective use of vaccines for health professionals.