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28 Nov 2014

News stories in this week’s Australian Medicine of interest to general practice include:

  • two articles about how GPs are seeing more patients and treating more problems than ever, and about how Medicare spending on general practice is value for money;
  • the Federal Government’s plan to deregulate university fees will push the cost of medical degrees up to $250,000, discouraging low income students from becoming doctors and skewing the medical workforce toward higher paid specialties;
  • experimental Ebola medications;
  • the private health insurance industry and arrangements that could  compromise and doctor-patient relationship and crimp access to care;
  • the ageing GP workforce;
  • mentally ill patients are increasingly turning to GPs for help;
  • the incidence of whooping cough has surged amid worrying signs that the effectiveness of a widely-used vaccine is wearing off; and
  • patients taking a commonly prescribed antibiotic, amoxicillin, are at increased risk of developing diarrhoea and thrush, adding to concerns about the extent of its use.

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