It’s important to have an asthma plan

4 May 2017

The spotlight is on asthma management this week following the release of the report on the Victorian thunderstorm asthma event of November 2016, and the marking of World Asthma Day on Tuesday this week. Key recommendations of the report include education to assist communities to prepare for and respond to thunderstorm asthma and ensuring good patient and carer knowledge of how to deal with respiratory issues, using an effective asthma action plan.

In an interview with ABC Radio Newcastle recently, AMA President Dr Michael Gannon said every Australian with asthma, even if they think they've got mild asthma, needs an asthma management plan.

“And that's very simply worked out with your GP. You talk about not smoking. You talk about whether or not you need to take preventive medications regularly or an ad hoc basis. And I think what this report will do is aid community awareness of weather patterns, where the whole community might need to be ready,” Dr Gannon added.

Those GPs wishing to know how their practice aligns with the recommendations in the Australian Asthma Handbook, and support their patients to achieve better asthma control and better quality of life, can undertake the free NPS Medicinewise Clinical E-Audit Asthma Management – supporting patients to achieve good control.

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