Information for GPs on Medicare Compliance Debts

16 Mar 2017

The responsibility and management of Medicare Compliance debts moved from the Department of Human Services (DHS) to the Department of Health (DoH) on 1 October 2016. As part of the transition, the DoH has written to those debtors still making payments to the DHS and provided a new invoice and a statement showing payments received.  

These providers have also been informed of their new invoice number, new payment methods and have been asked to update their payment methods so their payments can be received by the DoH.

The DoH has advised that during the transition period payments made to the DHS will still be attributed to the payment of debts owing, however there may be some delays in payments appearing on statements. If providers find a discrepancy on their statement they should contact the DoH on the number provided below.

For all Medicare compliance debt enquiries contact the Health Provider Compliance Division on (02) 6289 9390 or email