Indexation freeze impacting Veterans’ access to specialists

20 Apr 2017

A recent survey of 557 AMA members shows that the Government’s ongoing indexation freeze, which also applies to the DVA’s Repatriation Medical Fee Schedule (RMFS), is having an impact on access to specialist care for the veterans’ community.

Currently only 71.3 percent of specialists responding to the AMA survey are continuing to treat all veterans under the DVA RMFS, but when asked their likely response if the indexation freeze continues only 43.8 per cent said they would continue to do so.

The survey confirms concerns that if the indexation freeze continues that the access to care for veterans with DVA card will become more difficult.

The AMA continues to lobby strongly for the lifting of the indexation freeze across both the Medicare Benefits Schedule and the RMFS.

Australian Medicine article: Indexation freeze hits Veterans’ health care