Importance of a trusted regular GP emphasised

2 Mar 2017

AMA Vice President, Dr Tony Bartone, was interviewed recently by a new online publication for baby boomers, Startsat60, about the importance of having a regular and trusted GP.

Dr Bartone told Startsat60 that patients becoming familiar with their GP helps both the patient and the doctor when it comes to keeping them as healthy as possible.

He said that anything that increases or enhances the doctor’s understanding of the patient’s history, family history, or the emotional or mental issues the patient is dealing with is a plus in terms of treating the patient and dealing with the onset or the prevention of medical conditions.

“It’s not just your medical history your GP will be tracking either. GPs are trained to pick up emotional cues and changes in body language, so a slight change in your demeanour can go a long way towards helping them provide the right treatment and care you need.

“You’ve got to feel comfortable enough to tell them what problems you’re having. If you have a good relationship with your GP you’ll feel less uncomfortable about it,” Dr Bartone said.