The Ides of January: Australian Medicine

16 Feb 2017

This week in Australian Medicine, AMA Vice President, Dr Tony Bartone, discusses what GPs want from their new Health Minister.

Top of the list is an end to the MBS freeze, with a restoration of indexation to the level it would have been if the freeze had not been effectively in place since 2013. Also on the list are: robust investment in the Health Care Home (HCH) initiative; improved e-health; more support and services for mental health patients and residents of aged care facilities; and increased funding for palliative care services.

Government support for the AMA’s community residency proposal, which would provide all junior doctors with the opportunity to experience and understand General Practice, regardless of their final intended professional calling in medicine, would also be welcomed by GPs.

Dr Bartone writes that general practice provides efficient, value-for-money care. He concludes by saying that GPs are waiting for a Health Minister who will recognise the value of GPs and Minister Hunt’s opening declaration to be the Minister for GPs is a promising start.

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