Help for revising billing practices

12 Jan 2017

If you and your practice are considering moving to patient-billing the AMA has a number of resources available to members to assist as we recognise this can be difficult and challenging.

Increasingly, medical practices are finding they must make this move to ensure their viability and enable the continued delivery of quality medical care to their patients.

The AMA’s Fee List webpage provides access to a range of resources to guide your fee setting and the transition process. The AMA Fees List Online Database, for example, is an easy-to-use, online version of the AMA List of Medical Services and Fees. It will allow you to search, print or download individual items or groups of items to suit your needs. You can also use the AMA Fees Indexation Calculator to determine fee increases based on your individual cost profile. Other resources include a checklist for when fees have to be increased, a template letter to patients about fee increases and testimonials from those who have made the move.