GP training update

5 Dec 2014

Since the Government announced in the May Budget its reform program regarding GP training, including its decision to absorb the functions of General Practice Education and Training into the Department of Health, the AMA has been concerned for the future and quality of general practice training in Australia.

The AMA wrote to the Minister for Health in August proposing that the two GP Colleges take on responsibility for the governance and management of GP training, highlighting that this would be consistent with other college-led medical specialist training programs. The Minister acknowledged the potential for both colleges to play a greater role in GP training.

In late September, the AMA wrote to the two Colleges reiterating its support for a college-governed and managed general practice training environment and encouraging them to develop a model that could be put to the Department.

Both GP Colleges have now put forward a joint proposal to the Health Minister that would see them take on a much more traditional college role in GP training and the AMA will continue to support them in this push.