Getting the prescription right for DVA white card holders

19 Feb 2015

Under Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Health Card arrangements (Gold, White and Orange), entitled persons have access to a broad range of pharmaceuticals. 

In the case of White Card holders, these clients are entitled to receive medications (treatment) funded under DVA arrangements for specific conditions related to their accepted disabilities. 

Depending on the prescribing software package, these patients need to be entered as White Card holders and not use the common default of Gold Card holder for veteran patients.  Failure to do so will result in all prescriptions being prescribed as DVA entitled, when only those medications related to their accepted disabilities (for White Card holders) should be indicated as RPBS. 

Practice staff/prescribers need to be aware of the process for entering particulars of White Card holders as opposed to Gold Card holders into the practices software system. 

This information should be available from the prescribing package’s software manual/operating instructions, or from their software support help lines. 

Alternatively, prescribers can contact VAPAC pharmacists on 1800 552 580.  VAPAC pharmacists are familiar with the more popular software packages and would be happy to advise accordingly.