General practices now eligible for free NBN upgrade to support telehealth measures

9 Apr 2020

Some general practices are now able to upgrade their existing NBN connection at no extra cost for a period of six months to support practices in delivering telehealth services to patients.

NBN Co is supporting upgrades to 50Mbps download and 20Mbps upload connections for practices with existing residential 12/1Mbps or 25/5Mbps services. According to NBN Co, 50/20Mbps service can comfortably support the requirements of multiple videoconferencing streams simultaneously. Practices wishing to upgrade should contact their service provider.

To further support the shift to telehealth-based consultations, the medical software provider MedicalDirector has also announced their fully integrated telehealth solution will be available free to their customers for at least three months to support GPs during this unprecedented time. 

More information is available from NBN Co here.