General practice best place for vaccination

24 Aug 2017

The Chair of AMA Council of General Practice, Richard Kidd, has provided a real example of why general practice is the best place for vaccinations. While most vaccinations occur without incidence, occasionally a patient can have an immediate adverse reaction. In his article in the latest edition of Australian Medicine, Dr Kidd has highlighted that vaccinations are best provided in a place where an adverse reaction, should it occur, can be dealt with quickly and safely.

He also discusses in the article the important role that GPs play in informing parents about immunisation and the opportunity that immunisation provides GPs in proactively caring for their patients.

Not only can GPs provide individualised and appropriate advice when it comes to vaccinations – as noted by AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon – they can also ensure that best practice standard of care is upheld during the administering of a child’s vaccination.

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Australian Medicine