FARE launches pregnancy and alcohol campaign: Women Want to Know

4 Sep 2014

Deputy Chair of the AMA Council of General Practice, Dr Richard Kidd, was among a number of prominent health professionals participating in the launch of Women Want to Know, a campaign that encourages health professionals to discuss the risks of alcohol and pregnancy with their patients. The campaign was developed by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE).

Ninety seven per cent of Australian women want to be asked about alcohol use during pregnancy and the campaign aims to let doctors to know that these conversations are welcome and worth their time.

Along with information and resources, the campaign provides accredited e-Learning courses which were developed by a working group of medical colleges and other prominent health organisations, including the AMA. A number of videos, including an address by Dr Kidd, who explains that doctors are often on the front-line dealing with the effects of drinking, and a panel session on overcoming challenges when discussing alcohol and pregnancy, can be seen on Drink Tank or FARE's Vimeo Channel.