ePIP payments

30 Nov 2017

A number of practices have received notice that they did not meet their shared health summary (SHS) upload requirements for the August to October 2017 period. The Department of Health (DoH) has advised that the Department of Human Services will be withholding the ePIP payments for these practices until any compliance issues are resolved.

If your practice is affected and you believe there has been an error in the number of SHS uploads recorded for your practice, or you wish to request an exemption on the basis of compelling circumstances then you should email the DoH at epip.compliance@health.gov.au.

Practices who received a letter in April 2017 from the Department requesting their HPIO, but are yet to do so, are encouraged to provide this information immediately before they are withdrawn from the eHealth Incentive.

Practices are reminded that moving forward they must be fully compliant with all the requirements of the incentive each quarter to be eligible for the eHealth Incentive payment. See the Practice Incentives Program page on the Department of Human Services website for more.