Endometriosis awareness campaign

5 Sep 2018

GPs may experience a higher frequency of patients presenting with symptoms of endometriosis in the coming weeks following a new campaign to raise awareness about the condition.

Endometriosis is estimated to affect at least 700,000 women and girls in Australia, yet many may be unaware or think that the pain they are experiencing is normal. While the cause is still unknown, there are effective treatments available.

On September 10, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health will launch a national awareness campaign for endometriosis to bring attention to the issue and encourage women to consult their GP if they are experiencing symptoms. The campaign will run through September and October.

The Australian government recently launched the National Action Plan for Endometriosis. The aims of the Action Plan are to improve the quality of life for women and girls with endometriosis through awareness, education and improved care. Affected girls and women often face negative impacts on their education or careers. There may be reduced productiveness at work or study as a result of the pain and discomfort caused by endometriosis.

Jean Hailes has resources for both patients and health professionals available at https://jeanhailes.org.au/health-a-z/endometriosis. Other resources for health professionals such as an Australian clinical guideline for endometriosis and a short course for GPs will be made available in the coming years.