DVA introduces new web-based claiming system

5 Jun 2014

For those GPs who do not currently use the Medicare Online claiming system for their veteran patients, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs has developed a web-based claiming system titled ‘DVA Webclaim’, a no cost service designed primarily to assist those health providers who only have a small number of DVA clients. Providers will be able to use DVA Webclaim from 1 July 2014.

Some of the features of DVA Webclaim include:

  • claims assessed in real time;
  • most claims will be processed immediately and paid the next business day into a nominated bank account (compared to twenty business days if claimed manually);
  • complex claims that require manual assessment are processed within two business days; 
  • access to up to two years of DVA claiming history; and
  • access to the HPOS secure email facility to ask DHS questions about the claims. 

As DVA Webclaim will be hosted on the Department of Human Services’ (DHS) Health Professional Online Service (HPOS) site, providers will need to have an individual Medicare Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate to access HPOS. If you do not already have a PKI Certificate, there is approximately a 2 month lead time to obtain one

More information is available on the DVA website.