Corporatisation of General Practice – updated AMA decision support kit for doctors

4 Feb 2016

Are you considering entering into an arrangement with a medical corporate to take over your practice, or some aspect of your practice? Before you decide you need to read the AMA’s updated Corporatisation of General Practice Decision Support Kit for Doctors, available only to AMA members.

The AMA encourages all GPs considering this to do as much research as possible. This updated guide is a good place to start and covers issues such as:

  • Contractual Documentation;
  • Sale of Existing Practice;
  • Practising Under the Corporate Umbrella; and
  • Life and Practice after the Corporate.

Since this guide was first published in 2010, the process of corporatisation has matured and the new guide includes the experiences of AMA advisers and members on the benefits and pitfalls of corporatisation.

AMA members who have logged into the AMA website can download the Decision Support Kit here