Core election issues for the AMA outlined in first Australian Medicine for 2019

24 Jan 2019

Australian Medicine is back for 2019 with the first issue available now online. The issue covers many important topics, including pill testing for music festivals, the importance of vaccination, and the role of the healthcare sector in addressing climate change.

The feature article from AMA President Dr Tony Bartone announces the AMA’s intentions to ensure that health policy will remain a key concern for both parties leading up to the 2019 Federal election, which is due in the first half of the year.

“We will be prosecuting the case of the importance of health as a significant issue for all Australians, and we will be making sure all political parties understand just how important health is when it comes to people casting their votes,” Dr Bartone said.

“What we will be focussing on will firstly be key election health issues around general practice and the importance of primary care and being properly funded; significant issues across public hospitals, especially in terms of waiting lists; and having a sustainable system when it comes appropriately funding and resourcing Medicare to provide the equity and access that underpins the system.”

Elsewhere in the latest issue you can find all the AMA’s healthy holiday messages, updates on research, political news, and a review of the local music scene in Bali. Australian medicine readers are also encouraged to complete a reader survey for a chance to win one of two Microsoft Surface Pro tablets.

The full issue is available here.