Contribute to the AMA’s submission to the Aged Care Royal Commission

4 Apr 2019

AMA members are invited to contribute to the AMA’s submission to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

The AMA is seeking examples of member experiences and challenges within the aged care context when providing clinical care to older patients. Examples can cover any subject that relates to your experience in aged care. This might include funding, regulation, access to clinical care, medication management, the suitability of the workforce, ED presentations, palliative or dementia care, or the use of restraints. For further information on the Terms of Reference of the Royal Commission, please visit the Royal Commission’s website.

The AMA will edit examples to remove:

  • your name;
  • the names of specific aged care providers; and
  • any other personal information.

Please also let us know if any of the information is confidential or there are any details you are unsure about. This is because the Royal Commission may:

  • publish submissions;
  • ask or compel the AMA to provide information about the source of the examples; and then
  • ask or compel you to provide further information

There is also a risk that, if submissions are published, third parties may use those submissions in the media or legal proceedings.

Please send your examples to by 23 April 2019. Please keep your examples within 300 words.

AMA President Dr Tony Bartone appeared as a witness before the Commission on 20 February where he called for an increase in funding support for doctors to visit residential aged care facilities, and a mandatory minimum staff to resident ratio that is in line with the level of care need and ensures 24-hour on-site registered nurse availability. You can read the Witness Statements here.