Commission Free Debt Collection (Sponsored Article)

17 Aug 2017

When sending out your invoice and statements, attach Prushka Collection Stickers to them.  There are NOW DUE, OVERDUE and FINAL NOTICE stickers.  They introduce the Prushka name to your patients and will definitely speed your cash flow because of the power of the Prushka name.    Go to:

For accounts which are overdue, send the patient a Prushka Self Send Online Demand Letter.  This will produce a recovery rate over 60% and all you pay is the cost of the letters.

Let us show you how you can amend your practice trading terms to incorporate a default clause.  This will make the defaulting patient liable for all collection costs if s/he fails to pay and the debt is referred to a debt collection agency.  There is no charge for this.  Just call our Client Services Team on free call 1800 641 617.  We are very happy to help you.

As an AMA member, you are entitled to a discount of 10% off Prushka’s commission rates and for all products and services.