Changes to Medicare prescription pad orders

17 Jul 2014

Since 30 June, Medicare has streamlined the way in which prescription pads are ordered. Instead of orders being handwritten, a fillable prescription order form will now need to be downloaded. Type your details into the form, print, sign and post to the Department of Human Services. Medicare states that handwritten orders for personalised prescription books and computer forms received after 30 June 2014 will not be processed and will be returned to the prescriber. 
This change will help to facilitate a new scanning process by the PBS stationery supplier. 
The typed content on the order forms will be captured and used as personalised details on the prescription stationery. Care should be taken when completing the order form, as each prescriber is responsible for accurately completing each section of the order form. 
The order forms, which are fillable word documents, and further information, are located at PBS forms