Changes to the Australian Immunisation Register (ACIR) reports

The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) has introduced a new report and modified three existing reports to assist GPs to identify children who are overdue or coming due for immunisations and encourage parents to have their children immunised on time. 

The new due/overdue practice report will provide information to GPs on the children that they see through their practice who are considered not fully immunised according to the ACIR due and overdue rules. The report will be available electronically to all GPs in a Practice Incentives Program practice; use MBS items to link a child to a practice for practice based reporting; and be available on the ACIR Secure Site - generated either once, monthly or on a quarterly basis, as per the GPs request. 

A fact sheet titled Changes to Australian Childhood Immunisation Register Reports to Assist the Identification of Due and Overdue Children provides further information on the new ACIR010A report and the modifications to the ACIR021A, ACIR011A and ACIR011B reports. It can be accessed via the Immunise Australia website.

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