Celebrate being a Family Doctor by using the AMA Family Doctor Logo

18 May 2017

Today, as the World Organization of Family Doctors celebrates World Family Doctor Day, the AMA is encouraging all our GP members to download and display the 2017 AMA Family Doctor Logo. The Logo is a reminder to the community and your medical and health professional colleagues of the patient-centred, holistic, and longitudinal medical care you as a family doctor provide.

The logo can be used in a variety of ways and we encourage you to share with us the ways you do use it by taking a photo and emailing it to us at gpnn@ama.com.au. We may use it in future promotions. Some suggestions are:

  • include the logo on your website profile on your practice webpage
  • include it in your signature block
  • include it on any personal professional stationery
  • make it your screen saver

The logo is only being made available to financial GP and GP Registrar members of the AMA for their individual use. View conditions of use and download.