Australasian Health Professionals Directory updated advice to members

16 Jan 2014

Last year the AMA advised members on a potential scam from a group calling itself "AUAHP Australasian Health Professionals Directory".

The scheme involves receipt of a misleading and contradictory covering letter which appears to confirm a free listing in the directory. However, the fine print provided outlines that those who signed were agreeing to a paid listing for a minimum of 3 years, at "AUD1300 per year, charged in advance".

The AMA understands that many practices signed the documentation. Since then, several practices have been receiving letters of demand with extra costs added.

AMA advice is to retain that correspondence but ignore the demands for money and not engage with AUAHP further. If you are being contacted by AUAHP seeking further information, such as credit card details, or payment, do not pay or provide those details.

The more information you give, the more you expose yourself to risk. As far as the AMA can ascertain, this organisation is based overseas and any legal redress against them would be difficult. It is extremely unlikely that any Australian court would uphold the legitimacy of these 'agreements'.

As always, if approached regarding this or a similar schemes and you have doubts you should contact the Office of Fair Trading in your state or territory, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission or seek independent legal advice.