AMA supports eliminating waste in the health system

30 Apr 2015

The AMA welcomes the Choosing Wisely initiative, launched this week by NPS MedicineWise with the support of major medical societies and colleges. The initiative encourages clinicians and consumers to start a conversation about improving the quality of healthcare by eliminating unnecessary and sometimes harmful tests, treatments, and procedures.

AMA President, A/Prof Brian Owler, said that all doctors are responsible for using their special knowledge and skills to minimise waste of resources, while ensuring that patient care remains their primary duty.

The participating medical colleges and societies have developed lists of recommendations for tests, treatments, and procedures for clinicians and consumers to question. A/Prof Owler said the AMA is pleased that the criteria for the lists are reasonable and transparent and this will help build broader public confidence in the initiative, and in the health care system.

“Doctors can work together with their patients to decide on the most appropriate and effective tests, treatments, and procedures for the individual patient and their circumstances. This is a great start to ensure the best use of health care resources. The AMA looks forward to further work with the NPS on this program,” A/Prof Owler said.

Visit the Choosing Wisely website to find out more.