AMA provides comment on draft 5th edition RACGP Standards for General Practices

31 Mar 2016

This week the AMA provided feedback to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) on the draft 5th edition Standards for General Practice.

In its submission to the College, the AMA stressed the importance of appropriate guidance and resources being provided to the accreditation bodies, the importance of the Standards retaining comprehensive notes, where required, to assist practices to determine how they will meet the Standards, and the importance of always bearing in mind the costs associated with meeting the Standards. The AMA also made suggestions on a number of criteria around issues such as their clarity, focus and practical application.

The draft 5th edition of the standards is intended to have a greater focus on outcomes and patients, instead of prescribed processes, compared to the current 4th edition, and to provide greater flexibility to practices as to how to meet the criteria. Eighteen indicators have been eliminated by removing duplication and merging indicators that shared a similar theme.

The College will prepare a second draft of the Standards, which will also go to stakeholders for comment, before the final edition is released in 2017.

The AMA submission is located here.