AMA Nat Con support for single employer contracts for GP registrars

29 May 2019

The 2019 AMA National Conference also explored the practical application of a single employer model for GP registrars to enhance flexibility for GP Registrars with their training terms and in completing their training, including portability of workplace entitlements. Dr Danielle McMullen and Dr Marco Giuseppin highlighted the lack of parity in remuneration for GP registrars compared to their non-GP registrar counterparts and their inability to transfer leave and other entitlements as they progress through training. Delegates voted overwhelming in favour of the draft motion below:

Draft motion

That our AMA recommends the Government develop a single employer model as an alternative to fee for service arrangements to deliver equitable remuneration and employment conditions for GP registrars, and between GP registrars and non-GP registrars, while at the same time meeting the needs of supervising practices.