AMA members countering violent extremism

11 Oct 2018

AMA Council of General Practice member Dr Ines Rio represented the AMA at the recent Health Expert Advisory Group (HEAG) – Countering Violent Extremism meeting. The HEAG includes representation from a range of peak health organisations across Australia to inform the Australian Government’s approach to countering violent extremism. 

The HEAG provides advice to Government on knowledge gaps in the health sector, and on best practice training and professional development models to promote identification, support and management of people at risk of radicalisation to violent extremism. It is also an avenue for peak health bodies to provide feedback and advice to government regarding the design and efficacy of current and future policies and programs.

Meeting outcomes included strengthened relationships between the health sector and government, improved information-sharing of research initiatives in radicalisation to violent extremism, as well as improved visibility of upcoming continuing professional development opportunities.

Dr Rio said that she felt it was important to attend this meeting as the trusted relationship many patients have with their GP makes them a valuable asset in countering extremism.

“GPs are often a touchstone for those concerned about their loved one’s actions, behaviours or wellbeing. As such it’s important that we are involved in how such a system develops and works – so that it considers the ethical, nuanced and practical dimensions of the doctor-patient relationship,” Dr Rio said.