Advice to GPs ahead of a possible thunderstorm asthma

14 Dec 2017

The Chair of AMA Council of General Practice, Dr Richard Kidd, has advised in a recent Australian Medicine column of the important role GPs play in managing patients susceptible to thunderstorm asthma.

Research indicates that thunderstorm asthma events likely occur because grass pollens are swept up into the clouds during the formation of a storm, which are distributed widely, bursting open to fill the air with small allergen particles. These are small enough to enter the lungs and cause difficulty in breathing. People allergic to grass pollens are particularly at risk.

Dr Kidd advises GPs to prepare for another possible thunderstorm asthma event by being up to date with the recommendations in the Australian Asthma Handbook. They can also undertake the free NPS Medicinewise Clinical E-Audit Asthma Management – supporting patients to achieve good control.

For more advice, see Dr Kidd’s article in Australian Medicine.