ADHA claims My Health Record expected to improve delivery of care for GPs

8 Mar 2018

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) has provided an update on progress of the My Health Record and the benefits it will bring to Australian patients.

Dr Michael Crampton has highlighted how it has led to improved delivery of care for his patients, noting the importance of having easy access to allergy information for the patient, hospital discharge summaries, and other important information that a patient may not remember all the relevant details of their healthcare history.

“When we have one clear, accessible, current and accurate medicines list for every patient it will overcome a lot that goes on,” Dr Crampton said.

[For] “Older patients who are not necessarily medication smart and who are prescribed and dispensed many generic drugs there is a lot of medication confusion. For example, they don’t know that medicines have a generic name and a brand name. Doctors know the different names of the one drug. Patients don’t know that. It just causes grief.”

“My Health Record will definitely help with all of this. There is no question.”

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