Trainee Forum Communique – College Initiatives to Support Flexible Training

The communique for the first trainee forum of 2023 on flexibility in training is now available. 

The AMACDT trainee forum on college initiatives to support flexible training was held in February with trainee chairs discussing college barriers and enablers of flexible training. The Trainee Forum brings together the trainee committee chairs of each speciality training college. 

AMACDT’s interpretation of flexibility in training includes, but is not limited to, policies such as availability of part-time work, the provision of parental, medical and cultural leave, and additional supports for doctors with disability, and those returning to work after extended periods of leave. Positive initiatives of flexibility provided by colleges included no caps for parental leave, exclusion of medical leave from training time caps; and providing clear, consistent and long-term arrangements for a trainee to return to work. However, trainee chairs noted that there are significant structural and cultural barriers to enabling flexible work and training arrangements that must addressed. Discussions will assist in AMACDT’s advocacy for greater support for flexibility in training. 

You can read the full communique including an outline of enablers and barriers here

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