AMA Queensland CDT Update

1 Nov 2021

Last month the AMA Queensland Council of Doctors' in Training held the first ever 'Self Care September’.

The event was a great success with great engagement across a range of self-care activities, and many prizes won by DiTs across the state. We continue to raise awareness about mental health challenges faced by DiTs, and advocate for further actions to be taken to support the mental health of DiTs.

The Queensland Resident Hospital Health Check has also just closed, and results are being tabulated. We are grateful for the increased response rate this year, and are keen to see the final results from hospitals across Queensland.

We still have some exciting projects to come in Queensland, including a rural site survey to help inform AMA Queensland on how to best support DiTs in rural locations. We are also starting to gear up for the next round of contract negotiations which are due to start early in 2022. We also continue our work in transitioning the Queensland CDT structure to improve member engagement and aim to launch a Special Interest Group structure similar to our federal colleagues in the near future.

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