Bonded Medical Program

6 Oct 2021

The Department of Health has posted the ‘September 2021: Update on the Bonded Medical Program’ on its website providing information on how the department is applying the 'no disadvantage' principle, how it is prioritising and resolving individual cases and how new email arrangements are working.

The update provides information on:

       How is the department applying the 'no disadvantage' principle?

       How is the department prioritising and resolving individual cases?

       New email arrangements – how is this working?

How is the department applying the 'no disadvantage' principle?

The department recognises that, since implementation commenced, individuals that sought to opt in to the Program – including those that were not correctly bonded during 2020 – have changed their work activities assuming they were, or would be, correctly bonded by now.

The department continues to apply the no disadvantage approach to those participants who completed eligible work (i.e. work completed that is compliant with the requirements of the Program), in good faith by counting this work towards the RoSO under the Program.

The no disadvantage approach includes managing any breaches that may have occurred since the start of 2020 in relation to the implementation issues. It also includes the waiver of any financial liability associated with those breaches.

The AMA meets every three weeks with the Department of Health and continues to advocate for the opt in process to be managed efficiently and effectively.  When key milestones have been reached we have reported these via AMA’s dedicated BMP web page.  These meetings have been substantially influential on changing the Department’s approach to process, communication and affected cohort management. If you need to contact the AMA about any queries you have in relation to the Program please email