AMA secures No Disadvantage Guarantees for all affected BMP/MRBS Opt In Participants

5 Jul 2021

The AMA can now confirm that all doctors who fall within one of the below cohorts are assured no-disadvantage because of the issues that arose during the early implementation of the statutory Bonded Medical Program (the Program) in 2020:

  • those who thought they were opted in, had completed their obligations and had exited the Program;
  • those who thought they had opted in and still need to complete their RoSO; and now also
  • those who had expressed their interest to opt in via email and were awaiting a response.

The AMA is confident that our advocacy has been heard and acted on by the Department of Health about what is required to fix affected cohorts, improve transparency, and improve dialogue and responsiveness with affected participants.

Do you need a deferral or simultaneous work approval?

MRBS participants who need approvals for RoSO are asked, as soon as possible, to email with the subject line containing the following verbatim text: MRBS Scheme - [Dr insert your name] – Request for Deferral/Simultaneous Work Approval.

Doing this will speed up the Department’s responsiveness. Because of the AMA’s advice, the Department has promised to treat MRBS participants as a priority. BMP participants who want to advise on a proposed change to work activity should also act according to the email advice above.

In addition to providing the details of your proposed work activities, you should also nominate the period you seek approval for.

Read the full Department of Health June Update here.

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