AMA GTAC scores big with the DoH on GP Training

28 May 2021

The AMA GPs in Training Advisory Committee (GTAC) continues to advocate for positive change in the employment conditions of GPs in Training (GPiTs), and be the voice of GPiTs during the Transition to College-led Training.

Through the Commonwealth Department of Health's (DoH) General Practice Training Advisory Committee (GPTAC) and the Transition to College-led Training Advisory Committee (TCLTAC), we have captured the attention of the Commonwealth.

GTAC seeks to ensure employment conditions are fair, equitable and just. And moreover, comparable to hospital-based counterparts. This will ensure the attractiveness and sustainability of General Practice as a profession for junior doctors.

GTAC pushes the Commonwealth to ensure that GPiTs remain the centrepiece for any change as training responsibilities go back to the College (RACGP & ACRRM). We want to ensure there is no loss of institutional knowledge and quality of education, and take the opportunity to improve the training experience.

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