Bonded Medical Program Update

11 Mar 2021

Over recent months, the AMA has been following up with the Department of Health concerns raised by a number of members about the lack of response from the Department to queries about moving to the reformed bonded medical places program and the significant delays being encountered when trying to opt-in to the program.

The AMA met with the Department on 23 February 2021 who provided reassurances that the pause it had placed on opting in would be lifted very shortly and that it would re-establish the bonded medical program working group to provide further advice to the Department about the implementation of the program.

The AMA emphasised the need for urgent communications to bonded doctors to provide them with a clear update on delays and this is expected shortly.

The Bonded Medical Program Reform Project - Implementation Working Group (IRWG) has been reconvened to advise on this process. The AMA sits on the IRWG and will advocate to ensure the BMP opt-in process is back on track, that processes are in place to transition people across to new scheme where people want to opt in and ensure that delays in transition for those that tied to opt in do not disadvantage them. 

If you would like to share your experience with the opt-in process, you can do so confidentially by emailing