AMACDT Trainee Forum to discuss contingency planning for exam technical failures

The AMACDT will be meeting with all College Trainee Chairs on the 19 October to discuss developing a minimum standard for contingencies and communications for all virtual/electronic exams - given so many Colleges have moved/are moving in that direction in the wake of COVID. 

This comes as exam disruptions due to technical difficulties risk becoming the new normal with the weekend’s national RACGP Registrar exams cancelled due to technical difficulties, recent technical difficulties experienced by ACRRM trainees during an exam a month ago and the RACP technical failures in 2018. 

Transparent and robust contingency planning for any future virtual/electronic exams must be in place given the wide reaching knock-on effects of failed exams and the growing lack of trust and respect trainees and supervisors have with the quality of education and training in the vocational space. 

The communique from the trainee forum will posted on our AMACDT Facebook page at once available.

Read the AMAs repsonse to the investigation of the 2018 RACP computer-based test failure here

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