DRS4DRS - here for you

9 Sep 2020

Give yourself a break.  It is OK to feel overwhelmed at times, and these are tough times but support is available for you.  Just reach out. Full details at https://www.drs4drs.com.au/getting-help/ 

Accessing the Drs4Drs Support Service is simple. Doctors and medical students can call 1300 374 377 (1300 DR4 DRS) 24/7 or visit Drs4Drs.com.au - a national one-stop-shop for wellness and support resources for the medical profession. 

The Drs4Drs Support Service provides crisis support as well as non-urgent mental health support, and complements services provided by the network of State-based doctors’ health advisory services that are also funded by Doctors Health Services