2020 Medical training survey COVID Q

13 Jul 2020

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) attended the AMACDT meeting on 4 July 2020 to discuss the results of the 2019 MTS, actions to act on those and to promote the 2020 Medical Training Survey (MTS) which opens 3 August 2020.

Associate Professor Stephen Adelstein, MBA, said some questions in the 2020 MTS have been revised based stakeholder feedback. Questions about bullying and harassment, have been updated to give a clearer picture of what is happening and enable more targeted work to help build a culture of respect in medicine.

“The 2019 results told us that the experience of training is largely positive, however there are areas where improvements can be made and that we need to collect further data. This includes the frequency and impact bullying harassment and discrimination has on medical training.”

“We are also taking advantage of the unique opportunity the MTS gives to find out about the impact of COVID-19 on medical training in Australia in 2020,” he said.

Organisations such as the Australian Medical Council have already used the results to inform their accreditation processes.

Feedback from last year also indicated the survey link was hard to find and some doctors in training skipped it accidently in the renewal of registration process. This year the MBA has been working with doctors in training to improve the presentation of the link in the renewal of registration process.

In an interview with the Medical Board of Australia, Dr Hash Abdeen, Chair, AMA Council of Doctors in Training said “While not everyone feels empowered to speak up, the MTS is an independent tool that gives doctors in training a safe and important voice on issues about their training,”

'By doing the survey, all doctors in training can make their voices heard. Through the MTS, we can detect areas of concern so they can be addressed, and identify areas of good practice, so they can be replicated,' Dr Abdeen said.

Read the full interview with AMACDT Chair Dr Hash Abdeen on the Medical Training Survey here.

You can read the MTS presentation to AMACDT here.

For more information visit www.MedicalTrainingSurvey.gov.au