A fascinating career at the heart of medicine

4 Sep 2019

Dr Clare Arnott has forged a career that involves not only treating acutely unwell patients, but researching new ways to treat Australia’s leading cause of death – cardiovascular disease.  

Dr Arnott is a Sydney-based cardiologist who specialises in advanced cardiac imaging, women’s cardiovascular health and pulmonary hypertension. 

“I love all parts of medicine but I have always found cardiovascular medicine fascinating. It’s an opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives,” she says. 

As well as having established the Women’s Heart Clinic at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the Charles Perkins Centre, she performs cardiac MRI and cardiac CT. 

On top of that, Dr Arnott co-ordinates the cardiology unit within the Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine) at the University of Sydney. The unit draws on the most up-to-date evidence to expand doctors’ skills in diagnosing, investigating and managing common and important diseases. 

“A good understanding of cardiology is fundamental for all doctors,” she says. 

The recipient of a Winston Churchill Fellowship, Dr Arnott is also a respected researcher and is currently working on cardiometabolic trials with the George Institute for Global Health. 

“For me the best thing has been to be able to do a balance of clinical work and research. I love my patients and practising acute medicine, but research adds an element of continual learning and of asking the bigger questions,” she says. 

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