The MTS - not just another survey

4 Jun 2019

As many of you would be aware, the AMA and AMACDT have been pushing for a 'National Training Survey' for some time.  This is to create an awareness of the quality, or lack thereof, of training across the country – from internship though to fellowship - giving us an evidence base on which to address issues like unsupported/overworked unaccredited registrars.

For over 12 months we have been working with the Medical Board and other stakeholders to bring the survey to fruition.  The newly named ‘Medical Training Survey’ will be live from August this year, in line with the AHPRA registration renewal process.

The MBA and AMACDT will be engaging with the DiT networks that exist across the country to maximize response rates. You are those DiT networks and this won’t succeed without your help.

You can find our more about the MTS here