Medical workforce and the 2019 Federal Election

8 May 2019

The AMA Key Health Issues for the 2019 Federal Election document calls for all parties to commit to strategies to achieve a better distributed workforce and better support for GP training. Calls for action include:

  1. Regulation of full-fee paying domestic and international medical student numbers, and a commitment to no further increase in the total number of medical school places to address issues of oversupply;
  2. A commitment to fund and resource the appropriate agencies to undertake the accreditation of all prevocational training positions to address issues of poor-quality training for prevocational doctors not in a College training program;
  3. Increase specialty training positions and create employment opportunities to improve the distribution of the medical workforce in areas of unmet community need;
  4. Demonstrate national leadership by recommending the introduction of a national system to recognise public hospital employment service/leave accruals when moving interstate; and
  5. Commit to an immediate review of the employment model for the GP training program

The AMA Key Health Issues for the 2019 Federal Election document is a summary of the major health issues that the AMA considers must be addressed by the major parties during the election campaign and into the next term of Government, whichever party wins.

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