Work priorities for AMACDT in 2019

7 Mar 2019

The AMA Council of Doctors in Training (AMACDT) will meet following the Gender Equity Summit on 24 March 2019 in Sydney with unaccredited registrar support and the national medical workforce strategy two of many items for discussion. Work priorities for AMACDT in 2019 include:

  • Input into the National medical workforce strategy (on working group as part of NMTAN)
  • Ongoing work to implement the National training survey planned for September (AMA and AMACDT on NTS Steering Committee and working group)
  • Input into GP training reforms moving forward (both AMA and AMACDT have a rep on the GP training advisory Committee) including consideration of alternate models of remuneration and employment for GP registrars to facilitate equitable working conditions compared to non-GP vocational trainees.
  • Participation in the Bonded Medical Program (BMP) reference group overseeing the implementation of reforms to the BMP.
  • Ongoing advocacy on transparency of information provided to international medical students on access to an internship after completing medical school.
  • Review of the Guide to social media
  • Implementation of the Hospital Health Check survey in each state and territory to monitor and report on the working conditions for doctors in training in the hospital system
  • Review of Clinical support time for hospital doctors’ policy
  • Review of Doctors’ health policy