AMA Gender Equity Summit

7 Mar 2019

The AMA Council of Doctors in Training (AMACDT) and AMA Equity Inclusion and Diversity Committee have been involved in the planning for an AMA Gender Equity Summit on 23 March 2019.

This follows two motions passed at 2018 AMA National Conference in support of equity and diversity in the medical workforce:

One: That our AMA:

  1. reiterates its support for equal opportunity in the medical workforce, and
  2. calls on employers, medical associations, the learned colleges, and members of the profession to commit to:
    1. developing and disseminating clear, comprehensive and consistent information about employer obligations, employee rights and leading practices and strategies in relation to pregnancy, parental leave and return to work
    2. identifying and removing harmful stereotypes, practices and behaviours about pregnant women and working parents to eliminate discrimination related to pregnancy, parental leave and return to work.

Two: That, noting the AMA position on Sexual harassment in the medical workforce – 2015, our AMA establishes practical recommendations that could be implemented into the healthcare system to address the underlying systemic factors that impede the health system’s ability to adequately address gender equality.

The Summit is by invitation only and will bring together a range of stakeholders to consider the cultural and practical barriers to achieving gender equity, if not equality in medicine.

The morning session will examine how other industries have successfully shaped culture and systems to encourage gender equity in the workplace, and how this might translate to changing medical workplaces and culture.

The afternoon session will explore what practical recommendations can be implemented to address the underlying systemic and cultural barriers and contributors that impede our progress towards achieving gender equity, and where possible, equality in medicine.

AMACDT looks forward to reporting on the outcomes of the Summit in the next edition of eDiT.

Read AMA Position Statement on Equal Opportunity in the Medical Workforce - 2016